Why We are Appealing the “Shared Roof” Project

The large apartment development at 7009 Greenwood (“Shared Roof”) violates the required setbacks in the land-use code, and it sets a bad precedent that allows developers to essentially buy their way around the zoning code. These facts were disregarded by the City Council when they recently approved the contract rezone to allow a building that will rise 15 feet above the height of the current zone. There is no reason, except to satisfy the developers financial goals, that this large site could not be developed while providing the required setbacks that even Phinney Flats was required to meet.

We tried to negotiate with the developer to modify the design to meet the required setback between zones while allowing for the added height. They refused. Our only recourse was to file an appeal in Superior Court. This means significant legal cost, but the principle of applying the land use code as adopted and without favoritism is important to the livability of our neighborhood. We don’t want developers to take advantage of this poor decision in the future.

Please read more about this precedent setting action and help with the appeal costs if you can. Click on About Livable Phinney for the reasons we are supporting this appeal. Click on Shared Roof Rezone Appeal for details on the project and the issues on appeal.

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