KOMO News: “Phinney Ridge housing project delayed over Metro bus ruling.”

From the KOMO News story, August 2:

Irene Wall and her fellow neighbors with the group Livable Phinney argued that the No. 5 bus doesn’t run frequently enough. Now it’s possible that her battle with the builder could reshape Seattle’s long-term growth plans.

“What we’ve discovered is the city can make mistakes and they do need to be challenged sometimes,” Wall said.

The mistake, Wall said, is how often buses drive by. The developer used bus schedules to say transit was frequent enough that no on-site parking was needed. Members of Livable Phinney checked that against Metro’s actual performance data. They found that bus service failed to meet that every 15 minutes rule nearly 40 percent of the time.

Read the whole story here: http://komonews.com/news/local/phinney-ridge-housing-project-delayed-over-metro-bus-ruling

1 thought on “KOMO News: “Phinney Ridge housing project delayed over Metro bus ruling.”

  1. People live in this area of the country where they can snow ski, snow shoe, snow board in the winter, hike, bike, kayak, sailboard, other times of the year.

    If you’re fortunate enough to be able to take a bus to/from work, and you also bus downtown in the evenings or on weekends for events, soccer/base/foot ball games, that’s great.

    However, you’d still need at least a small vehicle to take equipment up to the mountains, and lets not forget those runs to Costco, the dry cleaners, Home Depot, the gym, etc., etc.

    The city did not make mistakes in their planning. The city has an agenda, they have people in place who are willing to push that agenda, no matter how much they screw up a good neighborhood.


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